Driving transactions through all channels

By offering your merchants an omnichannel platform for payment transactions you’ll have the edge over your competitors. ZaaPay provides the technology for eCommerce, mCommerce and mobile POS transactions, and our MOTO Call Centre Application (eTerminal) enables call centre agents to key in and process transactions worldwide. You simply select your channels and receive consolidated monitoring and reporting, as well as a consolidated fraud tool for each transaction processed.

Our platform is easy to use, and give you access to the detail of all your transactions. Better reporting means better managing your business. In just a few clicks you can select your channels and securely add your payment solution.

And have we mentioned that, from day one, you are fully PCI DSS compliant with ZaaPay solutions?

Select your channel:



icon e commerce

With just a few clicks you can route transactions, activate fraud tools and administrate your user roles.


icon m commerce

The Omnichannel platform makes new payment solutions possible and easily accessible to everyone.


Mobile POS

icon pos

Whether it is a magnetic stripe reader or a classic chip-and-pin device, adding mobile POS has never been easier.

eTerminal MOTO

icon moto

Adopt a powerful call centre solution (eTerminal) for mail order or telephone order transactions (MOTO).